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About Quadrini USA

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Quadrini of Italy has been manufacturing electric bicycles for over 15 years. We are bringing this time-tested bicycle to the U.S. market for bike stores, bike rental locations (RV parks, etc), and of course direct to the consumer.

There are a number of e-bike manufacturers out there, but Quadrini stands out for a few reasons. These Italian bikes are both stylish and durable. They are manufactured with quality materials in Europe and China. Unlike other companies who specialize in traditional bikes, and for whom e-bikes are a step-child or those who add e-bikes to a line of products such as scooters and skateboards, Quadrini only manufactures electric bikes. It is our belief that the laser-focus Quadrini places on their product results in the highest quality, best quality e-bike on the market.

Using trusted components such as Shimano, Tektro, 8 Fun, Zoom, Promax, Samsung, Sanyo, and Velo, the electric bicycles produced in Quadrini's factory represent all the best you can find in an electric bicycle with an intelligent pedaling assist system. Learn more about how they work.

Every single electric bicycle is checked and strictly tested, from the production line until the final product leaves our factory, and is loaded with many standard features. We sell only Quadrini Electric Bikes. Free Delivery to New England and New York.

Bob Nuttleman

Bob Nuttelman, a longtime sales representative in the floral and gardening industry was ready for a change. In 2011 he saw a new trend emerging: electric bicycles. He realized a lot of people were unfamiliar with what e-bikes were and began doing research to find the best product. He was looking for quality, reliability, and style; after testing over two dozen different bikes, he found a product he could stand behind, Quadrini. In 2012 Bob became the sole US distributor of the bikes.

Having settled on the brand, Bob established a relationship with designer and company owner Allesandro Quadrini and began the business by establishing the first rental shop on Cape Cod. “Seeing the joy on people’s faces as they tried out the bikes changed sales for me forever.” says Nuttelman.

As the only US distributor of Quadrini, Bob has been networking with brick and mortar store owners and visiting events and trade shows to give people an opportunity to try out these fantastic bikes. He continues to welcome people who want to join in the fun!

Quadrini USA has been putting together business opportunity packages for anyone who is interested in getting into the e-bike business. For more information check out our business opportunity page or give a call.

Bill Martin

By late 2017, Bob was focused on promoting ownership of the bikes. “I realized people wanted more than to rent a bike while on vacation, and I wanted to meet that need by expanding our operations.”

At that time, Edie and Bill Martin took over and expanded the Cape Cod business. Currently, Bob focuses on marketing and franchising, while Bill holds the title of sales manager for fleet sales and distribution.

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