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General Questions

  • How far can I ride on a single charge?
  • 25 to 50 miles, depending on rider and terrain.

  • How fast will the bike go with the motor engaged?
  • The motor on the bike has a maximum governed speed of 20 mph or 32km

  • How to work the display
  • Click the link to see how to work your Quadrini electric bike display: here

  • Is there a warranty?
  • Yes. The best in the business. Our bikes are warrantied against all manufacturing defects for 3 years. Includes all components.

  • Should I be concerned about the battery getting wet?
  • The battery is fully encased, so it can tolerate rain. It should never be fully immersed.

Maintenance Questions

  • E-bike Maintenance
  • The E-bike requires little more maintenance than a normal bicycle. Cleaning and oiling; keeping chains, cables, and wiring properly adjusted and attached - the normal stuff!

    The obvious difference is that you have to charge the battery, which can be done with the battery in the bike or with the battery removed and charged at another location. The charger is a 120 volt, much like a computer power supply. The connection to the battery is polarized (can only be connected one way), so it is quick, clean and most of all... easy!

Quadrini MiniMax Questions

  • Does the Mini-Max Have a Throttle?
  • Yes. The twist grip throttle is located on the right handle. A very handy use of the throttle feature is using it to get strarted from a stop at, say, an intersection where you need to proceed quickly. The motor power will propell the MiniMax E-bike forward allowing you to quickly gain balance and stability without necessarily having to pedal. It is also nice for leisurely crusing without having to pedal. It can be turned off /on via adjacent flip switch.

  • The Littlest Little Bike?
  • The littlest little bike — the MiniMax — has a folding mechanism built in which allows you to fold the bike in half lengthwise. The handlebars fold down and the pedals fold in to give you a small package - ideal for back seats, trunks, or most small spaces.

    Folded, the MiniMax is much smaller than a regular size non-folding bike, and can be carried under your arm or placed in its own carring bag for transport.

  • What Are Other Uses for the Mini-Max ?
  • There are many uses for the MiniMax. In Addition to the obvious size advantages, we have people using the Mini-Max as a mini work horse doing the hard work:

    • Pulling the optional trailer for equestrian events (carrying hay and water to distant stations on courses)
    • Hauling stuff to and from the beach, park, and that far away parking lot
    • Personal transport for Fliers, RVers and Yachtees and other "away from home" destinations
    • Shopping trips from the camp ground or vacation home for "stores"
    • General getting around at large events
  • Why mag wheels?
  • Mag Wheels are the sturdiest wheels we have available for our bikes. No need to worry about bending spokes or adjusting tension. They do weigh a bit more, but if you need durability and toughness, Mag Wheels are what you want.

How To Videos

Quadrini - Display

Using the Quadrini Mid Drive Display

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